5000 yen to 6000 yen per person per night, depending on your selected rooms;


Main Lodge;

  • room without adjacent loft; Y5000 / person / night

Yellow Cottage;

  • Y6000 / person / night


*Note the 4 super-peak weeks each year which attract a super-peak surcharge of 1000 yen per person per night, due to extremely high demand:

  • New Year Week : Dec 31 - Jan 6
  • Chinese New Year : Feb 15 - 28
  • Golden Week : April 28 - May 6
  • Obon : August 11 - 16

Check in / out

Check-out is nominally from 6:30 am to 10:00 am but we are flexible for a later checkout so long as there are not new guests due the same day, in which case flexibility may not be guaranteed as we have to prepare for following guests.
Similarly check-in is nominally from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm but again we are flexible for an earlier arrival so long as there aren't existing guests.

Feel free to check with us about any preferred arrival time - we have had guests arrive at 11:45 pm - we are happy to accommodate late arrivals, as we understand travel itineraries can be a challenge.


Taxis and shuttle buses serve the area, but private car (either owned or rented) is obviously preferable.
As a courtesy, we will drive guests to and from;
i) key transport hubs (including the local train station on arrival and departure)
ii) any of the local restaurants each night (usually a different one each night as there are many to choose from.)
iii) any preferred landmarks within a 30 minute range, provided time permits with regards to serving other guests on their priority core service requirements (eg. essential transport of other guests from the train station to our lodges takes priority over these courtesy sightseeing transport services.)