We are Kim and Machiko, owners of Momiji Lodges, Nagano Alps, Japan.


After 7 tours of Japan driving nearly 20,000 km all over the country, we have selected this location as the prime place to be - Nagano Prefecture has the highest life expectancy in the World, and  we think it's the best place in the World - the epic 3000 metre mountain sightseeing, hiking, trekking, and snowsports, the hotsprings, the clean air and water, and the excellent food grades. 



Our Project

So having looked all over the World and all over Japan to find our Shangri-La, we bought a couple of properties in a highland resort in a secluded alpine forest, part way up the leading edge of the Japan Alps, and set about renovating them to provide a coveted facility for accommodation for adventure and nature travelers from around the World.


The galleries below show some of the renovation work we have undertaken so far:


BIG (6 storey) trees cleared

Yard clearing

Carpark leveling and surfacing

Tank 1 installation

Tank 2 installation

Property 1

New toilets

Lounge room refloor and restump

Kitchen (commercial) refloor and refurbish

Corridor reflooring

Bath change-room refloor and refurbish

Exterior wall insulation.

Ceiling refurbish and lighting

Mezzanine refloor and refurbish

Conversion; boiler room to laundry

Sliding glass door repair

Entry room add-on

Water pipe heating

Floor heating pipe removal

Subfloor circulation fan addition

Exterior repaint

Property 2

Exterior repaint

Snow retaining wall

Interior refurbishment

New Kitchen - floor, ceiling, walls, windows, sink, lights, fittings - everything

Laundry refurbishment

New toilets

Electrical rewiring