Chinese-Australian Masterchef premier season winner Andrew Liau says point blank; "Japan is the World's best food destination." Tokyo has more Michelin star restaurants than any other city, even Paris, but it's not just the fine dining that's outstanding - the entire price spectrum boasts World's best quality at every price point. And it's not confined to the cities but is the case throughout Japan.

In the cooler Alpine climate of Omachi, apples, pears, and peaches are a specialty. Many times we have heard guests remark that these are the best such fruit they have ever experienced. Furthermore, the Alpine snow-melt water percolates for 20 years and emerges in premium condition, resulting in premium grade soba (buckwheat), rice, sake and wasabi!


There are many restaurants in Omachi - several of which are outstanding - where the chefs' culinary talents leverage the high quality local produce as well as quality imported foods. (The steakhouse here has better Australian beef than I ever tasted in Australia!) Just 90 minutes away is the legendary Hida beef area, which is incredible, with the flaky texture of cooked fish. The food quality in this area was not the reason we settled here but has been an extremely pleasant bonus which we now greatly appreciate. We have also heard many guests remark that some of their restaurant dining experiences here in Omachi were the best they had ever had, even from some experienced gastronomists of Japanese cuisine. We can point you to these places daily for lunches and dinners during your stay here.